September 23, 2020

TENEBRAE with Peter Banifaz

A straight razor, a whisper-voiced killer, and an author who is dead set on promoting his book no matter how many murders are happening around him - we're recapping Dario Argento's 1982 Italian slasher Tenebrae! Peter Banifaz (Shameless, Veep, Perry Mason) is here to tell us all about this classic Giallo film. Join us if you wanna live that #garottelife

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September 16, 2020


A kidnapping, a determined infiltrator, and a cult leader that we have to admit makes some pretty solid choices - we're recapping the 2018 Netflix horror film Apostle. There is some very nasty shit in this one and not even Dan Stevens can make it go down easy! Listen to find out why Henley has a soft spot for a hard foot. 


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September 9, 2020

HOST (2020)

A zoom seance, an ill-conceived prank, and a group of friends whose names are a little too close for comfort - we're recapping the 2020 made-in-quarantine horror film Host! This movie was filmed entirely through zoom and we can 100% confirm that recording the episode through zoom was indeed very scary. So take a cheeky shot and buckle up if you want to be convinced not to use a video background in a zoom call ever again - happy spookies!

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Drunk parents, finger knives, and 500 gallons of fake blood - we're recapping A Nightmare on Elm Street! This week our guests Peter Lozano and Scott Youngbauer (hosts of Movies that Made Us Gay) fill us in on all things Freddy Krueger. Join us if you dare, but whatever you do...don't fall asleep!

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August 26, 2020


An unhappy marriage, a mysterious box, and a couple of horny demons AKA "Sadomasochists from beyond the grave" - we're recapping Clive Barker's 1987 film Hellraiser! Join us to be reminded of the importance of our old motto: Always be stressed, never be horny. Truly words to live by.


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A missing grandma, a lurking figure, and a questionable Australian accent - we're recapping Natalie Erika James' debut horror film Relic. And who better to join us than our favorite Australian counterparts Peach & Shag of the podcast Spooko? Together, we'll get to the bottom of what this film is really about (hint: it's dementia).


Join us for this very special crossover episode a.k.a. Too Spooko; Didn't Watch!


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August 12, 2020


A celebratory trip, an unwanted visitor, and some brother dynamics that probably in no way reflect the brother dynamics between the director and his real-life brother James Franco - we're recapping Dave Franco's directorial debut The Rental.  No Henley this week! Just an intimate episode with Emily and Sammy discovering the importance of always coordinating your ecstasy trips. 


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August 5, 2020


A true-crime novelist, creepy kids that love creepy drawings, and your classic pagan deity that is a big patron of the arts - we're recapping Sinister!


It's our 50TH EPISODE and we're playing our first official game of horror movie bingo! 


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A boy facing his monster, a Klansman politician, and an eccentric mortician to guide us through their stories - we're recapping Rusty Cundieff's 1995 horror anthology Tales from the Hood! Carl Tart (The Flagrant Ones) joins us to discuss what it would be like to be eaten alive one tiny puppet bite at a time. (Spoiler: not good!)

July 22, 2020


Trendsetting witches, a deity named after a french woman from The Great British Baking Show, and somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 snakes - we're recapping 90s teen horror The Craft! Join us as we search for the fourth member of our coven.

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